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How Is Prostate Cancer Diagnosed?

Although most cancers are diagnosed via a biopsy, a prostate cancer diagnosis relies on some  screening tests early in the process before a final diagnosis is made. So exactly what are the steps and how is prostate cancer diagnosed?

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Reasons You May Be Getting Recurring UTIs

A UTI is an infection in any part of your urinary tract. Having one UTI is painful enough, but having them come back can be quite frustrating. If you get three or more of these infections within a year, this recurrence is known as chronic.

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How Does Prostate Cancer Spread?

How does prostate cancer spread? One way this occurs is when early treatments for prostate cancer don’t work, allowing cancer to spread, usually slowly. The cancer cells sometimes survive inside the prostate gland and can spread further to other areas of the body.

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How To Do Self Screening For Testicular Cancer

Some men shy away from talking about what’s really important. Don’t be that kind of man, especially if it concerns cancer. Instead, begin by talking with Siouxland Urology and asking how to do self screening for testicular cancer.

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The Link Between COVID And Prostate Cancer

Although there is still limited information about the underlying risk factors for COVID-19, it is widely believed that certain patients with underlying conditions are at higher risk for contracting the virus and for severe complications. The link between COVID and prostate cancer has some overlap.

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