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Understanding the Types of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a touchy subject. It used to be taboo in polite conversation. Men did not want to acknowledge its existence and only discussed it with their doctor when they were forced to. Times have changed with TV advertisements for ED being a common occurrence, but many men still find it difficult to discuss ED with their doctors. Maybe understanding the types of erectile dysfunction will make it easier to broach the subject.

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Men’s Guide to Urinary Incontinence

While women are more likely than men to experience urinary incontinence, the condition can be especially troublesome for men. Men seek care from incontinence after living with the problem for about 4.2 years on average. You don’t have to wait years to get some help. Take control by reading this men’s guide to urinary incontinence.

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Painful Urination: When to See a Urologist

Something we all do everyday without really thinking about it is urination. We don’t think about it because it doesn’t hurt. At least it shouldn’t hurt. If and when it becomes painful, we pay attention. It tells both men and women something isn’t right, and it’s known as dysuria. Painful urination: when to see a urologist.

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