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Located in Dakota Dunes, SD, Siouxland Urology Associates, P.C., formerly known as Sioux City Urological Associates, was founded in 1957 by two prominent urologists, Drs. Wayland K. Hicks and Dwayne E. Howard. Their spirit and commitment to bringing urologic expertise to the area by offering the finest team of doctors, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and a professional, caring staff is still present today. At Siouxland Urology we believe in the golden rule: To treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Urology Clinic and Dunes Surgical Hospital

At Siouxland Urology, we believe you and your family deserve the best medical service. We always strive to offer the most current technology and treatment along with the best patient care possible. The investment we’ve made in building this new state-of-the-art facility reflects our commitment to you.

Additionally, we’ve partnered with Dunes Surgical Hospital to provide surgery services in our facility. Until recently, most surgical procedures required our patients to be hospitalized and away from their families. With all the new advancements in surgical equipment, diagnosing and procedures, many in-patient treatments can now easily be done here at the Dunes Surgical Hospital. Best of all, you can go home the same day.


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What Our Patients Are Saying

5 Stars

Dec 2, 2019

Not an overly long wait to see a physician, caring attitude, efficient care. Highly recommended.
5 Stars

Nov 27, 2019

I have been going to Dr Bourne for 5 years and he is one of the best doctors I have. He takes a personal interest and is great to deal with. I would recommend him and his office to anyone.
5 Stars

Nov 27, 2019

Having blood where it is not supposed to be, along with frequent, limited and urgent urination, I was referred to Urology Associates in Dakota Dunes, SD. I was assigned to Dr. Block. He ordered preliminary testing, including CT, blood work and urinalysis before performing a cystoscopy. During the cystoscopy he directed me to view the procedure on a screen. "So what I see, you'll see," he commented. Dr. Block appeared extremely knowledgeable, answering all my questions and ascertaining my level of concern. I am scheduled for an operation by Dr. Block to remove bladder problems next week. He thoroughly explained the procedure and detailed potential outcomes and pain levels so I am better prepared. I’m quite satisfied being in his hands and the supporting staff has been welcoming, considerate, and professional.
5 Stars

Nov 27, 2019

We have the best of the best medical team. Dr Daniels is outstanding
5 Stars

Nov 27, 2019

Excellent and informative
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